Testimonials - Ivory Photography


I've been fortunate enough to have worked with so many beautiful people over the years,

and some were even kind enough to share what they thought of their experiences with me as their photographer.


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Vas Besim

Vas Besim

“Ellen Duffy is one if the most detailed photographers I have ever encountered.
Attention to detail was a must on our shoot together.
Professional and approachable, with a mind and vision beaming with only original ideas, which I loved.
Her way of thinking and viewing photography is out of the box original.
Photography with a dynamic original twist, which was a fantastic experience.
The results were dramatic in capture, which I loved, and the post production was excellent.
Thank you for sharing the gift of your vision via the camera lens, for all to see, feel and enjoy.
You have a gift.
Yours Sincerely, Vas Besim xx”